15th Feb Happy Slap Day Quotes | Slap Day Sms Messages

In this Valentine week we’re providing you 15th Feb Happy Slap Day Quotes & Happy Slap Day Sms in Hindi & English for your friend, family & for dear once. In this section we’ve included Short Happy Slap Day Status for Whatsapp, Happy Slap Day Hindi Sms, Funny Slap Day Jokes, Happy Slap Day Messages for Love Greetings, Funny Happy Slap Day Wishes for Girlfriend Boyfriend, Best Slap Day Shayari in Hindi, Happy Slap Day Msg for Facebook Friends. Happy Slap Day 2017  🙂

15th Feb Happy Slap Day Quotes | Happy Slap Day Sms in Hindi English

best slap day quotes sayings status

Special Happy Slap Day Quotes | Short Slap Day Status for Whatsapp & Facebook


1) I will slap you by accident on purpose

2) Karma takes too long. I’d rather slap you now.

3) I hate two faced people. It’s hard to decide which face to slap first.

4) Sometimes I wish I was an octopus, so I could slap 8 people at once. ..

5) Forget (Slap) all those relation which hurt and give you pain and LIVE LIFE again.

6) If you propose a girl during valentine’s week and she was silent then don’t think she was shy.

7) When someone says ”expect the unexpected”, slap them and say ”I bet you didn’t expect that.

8) Slap day is celebrated for people who made a wrong decision in their life by selecting a wrong partner.

9) Just hide on February 15, the slap day because you may get answer on this day. Happy Slap day 2017!

10) It is easy to give a slap to a naughty boy but the best punishment is to ask him to marry you. Happy slap day 2017!

11) Slap Day means that you should slap all the relationship, feelings, emotions with the person who hurts you everyday and doesn’t deserve you.


Happy Slap Day sms

Happy Slap Day Sms for Wishes Messages


1) Happy Slap Day Message

This the best excuse for
if you slap someone in the face,
just say ‘i didn’t slap him,
I high five his face’

Happy Slap Day !!


2) Funny Slap Day Jokes

If you propose a girl
during valentine’s week
and she was silent then
don’t think she was shy.
Just hide on February 15,
the slap day because you
may get answer on this day…

HaPpY SlaP DaY..


3) Happy Slap Day Msg

Dont Slap Anyone On Slap Day,
But Send Them A “slap Card”
Or A “slap Email”.

Happy Slap Day!!


4) Happy Slap Day Funny Sms

Newtons Third Law Of Love:
The Force Applied While
Proposing A Girl
By A Boy Is Equal & Opposite
To The Force Applied By
The Girl While slapping

Happy Slap Day


5) Happy Slap Day Sms for Friends

Anytime In Life If U Doubt
Abt Our Frndship,
Toss A Coin,
If Its Head I ‘m Ur Frind..
If Its Tail.just Slap Urself N Toss
It Until Its Head.

Happy Slap Day 2017


6) Happy Slap Day Wishes in English

Somebudy Asked Me Yesterday
How To Handle Unwanted Proposal
During Valentine’s Week.
I Advised,
A Slap Is Best Choice.
Either Verbal Or Physical…;)

HaPpY SlaP Day..!!


7) Happy Slap Day Funny Messages

Look at yourself in the mirror
And slap yourself hard.
And you will realize the
pain you had given me throughout.

Happy Slap Day 2017


8) Happy Slap Day Status for Whatsapp

A slap is the best medicine that
may be used to remove the
madness of love from a boy’s mind…


9) Happy Slap Day Sms in Hindi

Sacha Dost Wo hy jo Aap ki
ankh me pehla ansu dekhy To
2sra ansu ponch ly
3sra ansu rokley OR
4tha ansu dekhy to
1 thapar mar k kahy
Ley ab khul k ro

Happy Slap Day..!!!


10) Happy Slap Day Shayari in Hindi

Jab Aap Humse Ruth Jaoge
Jab Aap Humse Khafa Ho Jaoge
Jab Aap Humein Bhool Jaoge
Tab Aisa Thapad Parega Ki
Sab Yaad Aa Jayega

Happy Slap Day


11) Sms for Slap Day 2017

Today Is Slap Day.
If Ever I Was Angry With U Or
Misbehaved U Or Hurt U.
Plz Just SLAP Urself
Its Ur Fault,
I’m Basicly a GOOD girl.
U know very well;-)


12) Hilarious Slap Day Sms for Husband Wife

Biwi Ko Thappar Mar Ke Husband Bola
Admi Usy Hi Marta Hy Jise Pyar Karta Hy
Wife Ne 2 Thappar Maray r Boli
AP Kya Samjhty Hain Ke
Main Ap Se Pyar Nahi Karti…?

Happy Slap Day 2017


13) Happy Slap Day Sms about Relationship

Arguments Wins The Person But Loses The Relation…!!
So Don’t Argue With Ur Friends Just,
Slap Them hard & Say
BAS CHUP, TU Galat Hai Or Mai Sahi..!!

Happy Slap Day 2017