Romantic Valentine Poems For Husband & Wife

Read the most beautiful Romantic Valentine Poems for Husband Wife in English & Hindi, Valentine Love Poems have the perfect words to express your deep feelings to your love. In this collection we’ve collected Happy Valentine Poems for Husband, Romantic Valentines Day Poems for Wife with Valentine Love Images of Couple. You may get Short Valentine Love Quotes by just clicking on that. You may share also these Valentines Love Poetry to your girlfriend & boyfriend to let them know that how much they are special for you. Wish you Happy Valentine Day 🙂

Romantic Valentine Poems For Husband & Wife with Love Images

happy valentines day poems for husband

Happy Valentines Day Couple Image


1) Short Valentine Love Poems for Husband

I love you with all my heart
Right from the very start

Our love grows stronger everyday
With everything you do and say

Happy Valentines Day
Our love is here to stay.


2) Sweet Valentine Poems For Husband

You’re the syrup on my pancakes
You’re the sugar in my tea
You’re the icing on my cupcakes
You’re the sweets in life for me
You’re the chocolate on my ice cream
You’re the sweet grapes in my wine
You’re everything, my lovely Hubby
Will you always be my Valentine?


3) Valentines Day Poems for Husband

To my darling husband
The apple of my eye
Who’s kind and so considerate,
Would never make me cry.
Who never leaves the seat up
And always makes the bed
Never hogs the remote,
Listens to everything that’s said.
Never hogs the duvet,
Snores or passes gas.
Never ever needs
To be told to take a bath.
Yes this verse is to you dear
but wait I’ve got it wrong
Must be someone else’s husband
I’ve been thinking of all along.


Romantic Valentine Poems

Beautiful Love Couple Picture for Valentines 2017

4) Valentines Day Poems for Wife

How do I begin to tell you
how lucky I am to have you in my life?
I’ll start by saying what a gift you gave me
the day you became my wife.

You’re my best friend in the good times
and my rock in times of sorrow.
You’re the reason for sweet yesterdays
and my promise for tomorrow.

I never thought I could feel this loved
until you became my wife.
You made this year and every year
the best one of my life.


5) Happy Valentine Love Poems for My Wife

Happy Valentine’s Day,
beautiful wife of mine,
My only wish is
with you to spend time.
I must say,
my heart is complete.
Life with you
is much more than sweet.
The path we take,
our close bond shall lead,
love for each other,
our souls it shall feed.
I’m forever yours,
with joy and bliss,
Please accept,
this passionate kiss!


6) Beautiful Valentine Poems for Wife

When I first saw your face I knew you were mine
We have both grown to love each other in such a short time
you know I’ve been looking for you all my life
for the day when I become your wife
you have given me security and love
which I’ve only ever dreamed of
I know there is a heaven and dreams do come true
someone up there loves me
because they sent me

~amanda perkins


happy valentines day poems for husband and wife in hindi

Happy Valentines Greeting Image in Hindi for Lovers

7) Pyar Bhari Valentine Day Poem in Hindi Fonts

फ़िज़ाओं में आई सब बहारों की गुलिस्ता हो तुम
चहरे पर हमारे जो मुस्कान है उसकी वजह हो तुम
इस अंधेरों भरी ज़िन्दगी का उजाला हो तुम
दर्द भरी राह में बस एक मसीहा हो तुम
हर गम हर दर्द की दवा हो तुम
एक अनदेखे अनजाने ख्वाब की हक़ीक़त हो तुम
प्यार की मीठी टकरार हो तुम
मेरी जीत मेरी हार हो तुम
मेरे दिल के सागर का किनारा हो तुम
क्या कहें खुदा से सोचते हैं
हमारे लिए तो खुदा हमारा हो तुम

– दीपाली दभाई


8) Long Valentine Day Kavita in Hindi Characters

जब से आये हो ज़िंदगी में ये लम्हे सुहाने हो गए,
हर साल देते हैं खुमारी जो फरवरी में मचल गए,
वो था वैलेंटाइन वीक जो ज़िंदगी को छू गया,
कुछ करके गहरा जादू जो दिल में पानी बन गया,
रोज़ डे को जो दिया गुलाब वो वैलेंटाइन डे को खिल गया,
प्रोपोस डे किया था जो तुमको वो चॉकलेट की मिठास में घुल गया,
टेडी डे पे दिया था टेडी प्रोमिस डे पर वादे,
होंगे हर पल साथ तुम्हारे चाहे दिन हो या हो रातें,
चूम तुझे ये एहसास दिलाऊँ किस डे तेरे साथ मानाऊँ,
जब भी हो उदास ये दिल हर पल तुझे गले लगाऊँ,
हग करके हग डे पे दिल में तुझे अपने बसाऊँ,
अब वो दिन भी आ गया प्यार का फूल जो खिल गया,
थी तुम मेरे सामने हाथों में था हाथ,
कुछ मुस्काके हमने बोला कुछ शर्माके राज़ ये खोला,
प्यारी परी जब तुम हो साथ वैलेंटाइन डे मेरा खास,
अब है मेरे दिल का कहना हर वैलेंटाइन तेरे साथ में रहना,
हमेशा तेरे साथ में जीना